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Barn Name: Bling
Show Name: Easy on the Bling
DOB: June 2010
Sire: MACKS EASY DOES IT (AQHA)(Now Deceased). Sire of WINNING BARREL HORSES and TEAM PENNERS, plus all round good riding horses. 15.2hh.
Dam: SIOUX - Registered Paint Sabino Strawberry Roan Mare

Breed: QH/Paint
Height: 13.3hh
Age: 3 y/o
Gender: Filly
Colour: strawberry roan with a white blaze.....and a flaxen mane and tail

Health: Excellent
Lameness: None

Vices: None
Personality: Bling was foaled in a box stall and was imprinted 1/2 hour after birth, but then not handled much after that. She "can be" nice to handle, leads well, gets along with other horses. ok with a farrier. But she can also be a bit of a fiery red head! She would benefit from some natural horsemanship training to teach her some manners in a gentle way. She is best when handled on a daily basis. She is lower end of the pecking order with the other mares.

History/Training: Halter Broke, Same Owner Since Birth

Future/Suitability: Lots of Potential for English, Western, Show, Pleasure, Trails, Games. Bling's father is well bred and was excellent at barels/games.

Adoption Fee/Purchase Price: Adopted!

We would also gratefully accept volunteer chiropractors, massage therapists, vets, dentists, farriers, etc. Please Email us if you are interested in helping out in some way! Thanks!

We no longer accept cheques due to all of the NSF cheques we have received in the past. We accept email money transfers or cash. We have over $800+ invested into Bling already so we understand we will be taking a loss, and we are used to that, but we do need to get something for her, as we cannot help more horses, ponies and donkeys until we find good homes for the ones that are here. The adoption fees are very important in keeping HCW running. Bling needs and deserves a good permanent loving home. She has been patiently waiting since Nov 2012.

Current Status: Located at HCW in Cameron, ON. Available for Adoption/Sale or Fostering/Free Lease (Until Adopted). If you have any questions about Bling and/or would like to make arrangements to see her, please email Claire at

SPONSORS NEEDED!!!: If you would like to help Bling, but are not able to Adopt or Foster her at this time perhaps you would be interested in Sponsoring her by helping to cover the costs of (or a portion of) her daily care - such as her Hay, Feed, Supplements, Vaccinations, Teeth Floating, Farrier, Deworming, Blue Salt Block, Treats, Halter, Winter Turnout Blanket, Fall Turnout Sheet, Fly Mask, Fly Spray, Brushes, Lead Rope, etc. If you would like to help in any way, please email Claire at HCW for details. Thanks!

Please Note: Trailering is Available for Bling. The Cost is Your Responsibility But We Can Make All The Arrangements for You From This End. If You Would Like a Trailering Quote Please Call Josh at 905-242-7229 or Email at: Please Supply Him With Your City/Town Name and Postal Code, So That He Can Give You An Accurate Quote.

Bling - First Time with Tack On - Dec 2012

Bling - First Time with Tack On - Dec 2012

Bling - First Time with Tack On - Dec 2012

Bling - Nov 2012

Bling - Nov 2012

Bling - Just Arrived to HCW - Nov 2012

Bling - Just Arrived to HCW - Nov 2012

Bling - Just Arrived to HCW - Nov 2012

Bling - Just Arrived to HCW - Nov 2012

Bling - Just Arrived to HCW - Nov 2012

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